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A fresh coat of paint

Time for an update!

I think that it was time for an update.  A new look, a fresh coat of paint.  Something still fun and still plain and easy to read without a lot of flashy graphics and things to detract from good and useful information.


This, and there were several issues with graphics being broken within the web site since converting to HTTPS, site-wide and it was popping up with one of the graphics I use to prevent people from using my bandwidth.  (I have my site to show graphics, but if you try to use my graphics on another page (hot link) it will bounce a message saying, “it’s not nice”).

There are some bugs to work out, but all in due time.

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New Shipping

Difference in size.

Hi, everyone.  Over the past year, I have been slowly migrating my soaps from a large box to a smaller sized box to become more eco-friendly.  The benefits is that if you order soaps from me, I can fit more soaps in the box before the next tier of boxes have to be used.

And, you will be helping with the environment.  Same great soap, smaller boxes.

Thanks, everyone!

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Distance will travel.

3.5 hours from home

In the 12+ years of vending at events, I have been asked to attend some events because of my “unique” items.  Most, I have politely declined for some reasons.  And, in giving some thought to the distance and area I will travel for events, I have a rather large area from home that I will travel.  Most of this are covers a lot of the larger metropolitan areas within a 3.5 hour drive.

  • Louisville, Lexington and most of Kentucky
  • Nashville, TN and a fair portion of Tennessee.
  • Indianapolis, IN and most of Southern Indiana.
  • Columbus, Cincinnati, OH and a good portion of Ohio

Most of the time I have a few criteria that covers most of my acceptance into events:

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