I was reminded earlier today why I make and take my own remedies and soaps. It’s been a while since I had used much of anything that I had not researched the ingredients, had something pass through my hands, or did my own version of “quality assurance”.

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Soap Making Workshop Planned!


Join Bill of Earth Circle Creations for an all-day, hands-on Soap Making workshop this April 20 in Louisville at the Earth Circle Creations workshop.

Registration is here. Space is limited to six.

Click the link to see more information and to register.

New Varieties?

I was asked some time ago to look into therapeutic and other varieties of soaps that I can make over time. Some of the ones I have available are listed here, including my IPA (Beer) Soap that is nourishing for the skin; pumice, for the exfoliating qualities; and the Unscented soap, for those who have allergies to fragrance.

I have been challenged to add more variety to my soaps. Here are my thoughts of what may be soon to come:

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Let’s do it!

And… GO!

Let’s take a step back, from 2018 and take a deep breath. 2018 was rough, with many smooth patches and many rough patches.

This is also an opportunity to learn from 2018. The errors, the mistakes, the good times, the bad times.

While we can take many things from 2018, we can also leave many things behind. Those thoughts, feelings and things that do not serve us, we can choose to leave behind in 2018 and start 2019.

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