Best Soaps Ever!

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Your soap is amazing. I have purchased a lot of the handmade soaps just to toss them out. I have been using yours ever since I purchased it back last fall …and just love it. -Kim J.

My husband does not like doctors, but he trusts you! -Wife of a regular client in Lexington, KY.

I have had homemade soaps before, and none of them have had the amount of lather yours has (if they produced any at all).  Even to the last sliver of soap, I could work up a lather and make my bathroom smell awesome. -M.K.

…it was not a coincidence that you gave this Reader an ear candling. Shortly after I returned [home], one of my clients could not believe how clear my Crown Chakra was after my ear candling. Of course, my Readings were more accurate and insightful… -Robert.A.

…I like what you stand for and your creative way of sharing. World could use more people like you – it’s what I like to call beautifully contagious. Paying it forward. Universe has great rewards for you. Keep on Sparkling; only good can come of it. -M.R.

… [Thank you for] the way you made it so easy to talk to and welcoming when [we] first met. -B.H.

It was great meeting you on Saturday at the Wellness Festival.  I was, and still am, intrigued with the tincture you showed my wife and I and how you were able to pick exactly something we needed. -G.S.

Dear Friend I have to tell you that with my feet and joints hurting I had thought I would need to stop working as I found it hard to be on my feet, and my leg joints hurting did not help, but help came in the form of a healing salve made from Arnica, Calendula and St. John’s Wort, and Dandelion Root Tincture.  Both have done greatly, I used the salve to heal my cracked and rough souls of my feet, now I can work with out hurting, they have healed and now are very smooth, the Tincture I have used for joint pain, I placed it in my tea in the morning and in the afternoon tea after I get home from work.  There has been little or no pain and can even walk to work if I like, which I have done lately, thanks. -Martin.H.

I swear you have magick hands, the way you took care of the cramping I had in my back! -C.K

Best Soaps EVER!

Best Soaps Ever! I have acne prone, sensitive-combination skin, in other words difficult. Tried cleansers from the best dermatologist here in and in other cities and all they suggest when their cleansers don’t work is harmful drugs that would be stressful on my liver and body. I bought two bars of soap from Bill Schook at the Mystic Fair. I got the charcoal one and the hops bar soap. My chest and back acne at now gone and my acne scars are fading. I’m so happy. I just ordered several bars of each just because I never want to run out and I love them so much. Bill you are a blessing from God. Thank you so much ??? – Nakita

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