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If you heal enough leaves... you will soon cure the forest.

Contact Us

Please, no soliciting using this form. Any and all solicitations using this form will be promptly deleted and marked as unsolicited (SPAM) email. This form is for all clients and customers of Earth Circle Creations (present and future) to contact Earth Circle Creations in the event there is a question about products and services we have to offer.

Just another reminder, do not use this form to solicit or to sell me anything.  Any attempt to do so will immediately blacklist you.

Additional methods to contact Earth Circle Creations:

Send postal mail and deliveries to:

974 Breckenridge Lane #148
Louisville, KY  40207
This is a UPS store location,

A new addition opening soon:



A by-appointment only store front location:

1860 Mellwood Ave
Studio 241
Louisville, KY 40206






Phone: 502-644-7094
(no text messaging available at this number)

Please do not call to sell me something.