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Earth Circle Creations has gone Green!

If you have received a package lately from Earth Circle Creations, starting near the end of October, 2011, we are using popcorn as packing material!

As an attempt to “go Green”, Earth Circle Creations has decided to forego the Styrofoam packing peanuts and use an environmentally friendly packing material.

Popcorn is easy to store in airtight containers before it is popped and with a hot-air popper, it is easy to make more as needed.  In effect, there is little storage space required of the popcorn before use.

Then, the popped popcorn is easily added to the box and the product inserted into the popcorn-lined box with these information sheets.

Don’t worry, there is no added salt, oil, butter or cheese flavoring to the popcorn, it’s just popped using hot air.

If you choose to recycle this packing material, toss the popcorn outside to allow the birds and other critters to have a wonderful meal, courtesy of Earth Circle Creations.

Update 10/1/2015:

With the successful event I had in Columbus, Ohio in September, 2015, I have purchased a shrink-wrap system to replace my current soap-wrapping methods.  The new method includes a biodegradable shrink wrap from National Shrinkwrap called Biodegradable Polyolefin.

Currently, I wrap soaps using saran wrap  it is time consuming and I usually find myself in front of the TV with a good movie wrapping bar after bar.  My thoughts before purchasing this product:  If I go to an event and a tornado picks up my display and scatters it all over the venue (almost true story) there will be soap that will be mostly intact for years to come.  With this system, in 3 years or less, this wrap, soap, box and label will totally decompose.

All of my soaps wrapped after October 1, 2015 will have the Biodegradable shrink wrap.

Shrink Wrap
Shrink Wrap

This little device has been absolutely wonderful and has saved me an immense amount of time.  Instead of nearly an hour in wrapping, boxing and labeling soaps, I can get done with a batch of soaps in under 30 minutes.

It has also allowed me to experiment with another marketing idea of bundling soaps and bath salts into a neat package including a basket.  I have not decided to put this on my “table” yet as I am still attempting to locate a source for baskets, instead of wandering into a store and finding the perfect one.  So far, the baskets I have found have been wonderfully presented and have been given out for donations.

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