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Includes four pieces of Apophyllite, a stone of your choice these instructions. For a house, apartment, or even on the go.
You will need:
– 4 pieces of Apophyllite (this kit)
– A flat surface – A table, room, house or a piece of property.
– Several stones you feel a connection – Not just ordinary “pebblesâ€.
– Intention
Set your four Apopholite points similar to the diagram; on your table, in the corners of your room, house, or your property.
Imagine white beams of light coming from the top point of each Apopholite in the purest and whitest light you can imagine.

Imagine that each of those beams of light are corners of a box.

Connect each of the beams with a sheet of white light and connect each one together. Connect the ceiling and the floor together. You are now in a box of pure white light and energy.

You may anchor your grid with a stone of your choosing. Rose quartz for love, malachite for prosperity, hematite for grounding… etc.

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