Author: Bill

Fresh paint AND a new place!

New space, new face, new place! I have found a space to move my soap production.  It will be 10-15 minutes from where I live, as opposed to the 25 minutes (while traveling along two interstates).  I sign the contract

A fresh coat of paint

I think that it was time for an update.  A new look, a fresh coat of paint.  Something still fun and still plain and easy to read without a lot of flashy graphics and things to detract from good and

Thank you Google!

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at my workshop last week and saw this wonderful poster had been delivered to my workspace! It is small things like this and a public stellar review of the items I make that does

New Shipping

Hi, everyone.  Over the past year, I have been slowly migrating my soaps from a large box to a smaller sized box to become more eco-friendly.  The benefits is that if you order soaps from me, I can fit more