Ending 2020.

Wow… it’s been a year.

First the pandemic caused most of our events to “evaporate”. We had been setting up to have enough stock for the spring show season. We had enough stock to carry us through most of 2020 from setting up the spring “rush”.

Next, we had been planning on moving from the workshop in Louisville to have the workshop in the home garage. This was a long time coming, before the pandemic. The lease on the space had a year left (December 1, 2020) during 2019, we took a step back to take a look and thought that we could save money each month by bringing the workshop home. We walled up one side of the garage, fixed the electric, insulated the roof, rafters and door, cleaned house, and took the 1300 square foot space into an already shared 500 square foot space and two storage units to store the non-perishables. Not too shabby for losing our “elbow room”. By the time that December 1 rolled around, we handed the keys over to the landlord and thanked him for his two years of service.

We lost and re-gained our primary job in the same week.

When God closes one door He opens another…

Most know that Earth Circle Creations is not our primary source of income. Earth Circle Creations pays for itself by self-generating income through its quality products, services and events.

This passage continually comes to mind when we look back between November 16 and November 20. Starting the week of November 16, I had received notice that I had sent the wrong email to the “wrong” people. On the 17th, I was fired. That same day, I had filed for unemployment, dusted off and put up my resume to a couple of places and was interested in a position locally. On the 18th, I had a phone call that they liked what they saw and was invited to come in for an interview on the 19th. Later on the 19th, they called me with an offer and asked me when can I start. I jokingly said, “I can start tomorrow”. They checked a couple of things and called me back saying, “come in at 9:00 AM”. Yes, I was able to claim unemployment for two days.

So now, looking at the future of 2021… I am glad to say that this should be an interesting one that should be better than 2020. This will be our 15th year in business. While the event calendar may be sparse, we hope it will fill quickly.

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