Canceling events?

I am not canceling events, but others are.

In light of the recent virus outbreak, many cities, governments and venues are pulling the plug on events being hosted. Rumor also has that a local city is asking people to reconsider going to an event where there will be 250 people or more in attendance at one time. Also venues may be asked to cancel events for the safety of their future participants.

We understand this is for the well being of everyone who may be participating, and failure to comply will mean a certain political “third rail” if people were hurt.


While we certainly understand there are certain precautions that must be taken, Earth Circle Creations makes a fair amount of money at these events. Many times, we prepare and stock up just for these events. Planning ahead to attend events often leads to doing well in sales that assist us to the next month, restocking and preparing for the next couple of events.

At present, three to four events we were planning to attend have, or are in danger of being canceled due to local, city and state governments protecting their citizens. We, are not complaining about their choices, but this hurts Earth Circle Creations as a small business.

This is where we are asking for your assistance:

We are asking you to assist us, as a small business financially: Please consider purchasing soaps from Earth Circle Creations. We also have herbal remedies such as tinctures, herbal salves, Salt Lamps and Smudging Supplies such as Sage and Palo Santo.

We also have services where we can assist in varying ways. We also have an affiliate link to a supplier where you can purchase soap making supplies where we earn a small commission.

We are also a distributor of Amethyst Biomats since 2008. We have put together Amazon affiliates.

Maybe purchase from one of our many wonderful shops around the area that carry our products. They could use some love, too.

Each of these above links will take you to different portions of the website. Please give what you can and maybe consider making a wholesale purchase for your shop. Your purchase will be shipped next day and will be greatly appreciated.

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