Thank you for 2019

In looking back at some of the articles for 2019, we have to think, “We need to write more!” There is so much more going on!

With only 8 articles for the entire year, I am sure that there are many more things that I could mention. Here are a few:

2019 Accomplishments

Retired some varieties of soaps, keeping space for our best sellers and most popular flavors. We also brought a couple back, and tried a few new flavors.

Ear Candles are back on the menu after leaving for a short time. We had a shop buy us out early this year! It was awesome!

Several business around the region are selling my soaps, sage bundles, ear candles and salt lamps! If you would like to carry our products, please click here. We can provide shipping or delivery (depending on location). Not to mention space on our web site to help promote your location.

Being selective in our events. Many of the venues we have attended in the past have gone “dry” (venues closed, mediocre sales, etc). Instead of trying to nurse them along, we have opted to support and leverage the shops and locations that have purchased our items for their venue.

We had our first soap making workshop. With a cool day and four attendees we had a great full day session. We may plan another one for 2020.

All in all, 2019 has been a knock-out year for us. We are really looking forward to 2020 as something wonderful!

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