Soaps for the holidays!

Soaps for the holidays!

One of the things that drives us making soaps is being able to hear from our customers and how much they love our products.  We frequently hear, “I love your soaps”, “they smell so good”, “they make my bathroom smell wonderful”, “they make me feel so clean”; and many more compliments! 

We LOVE what we do and while we are coming up on ten years of making soaps, we are not stopping any time soon!  We are looking ahead for future shows, events and some events we are planning deep into 2020, and wouldn’t you know… the holiday season is just around the corner.  By the calendar on the wall, we have just at 95 days before December 25, 2019!  It will be here before we know it!

Please take a look at our menu to see if something calls to you as far as a flavor of soap you would like to try.

If you are a shop, or know of a shop or a physical location that may be interested in selling my soaps, or maybe you would like to have a “set” of stocking stuffers for you and your family, please let us know. Maybe you would like to meet us at an event. I can arrange to meet you during the event to save you on shipping. If you would like to make a wholesale purchase, click here and let us know how we can assist. The link to our menu is here.

If you are a shop that makes a purchase, I will list you on our web site to help drive customers to your store. It’s one of the perks we provide.

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