I was reminded earlier today why I make and take my own remedies and soaps. It’s been a while since I had used much of anything that I had not researched the ingredients, had something pass through my hands, or did my own version of “quality assurance”.

I had the wonderful “experience” of accepting a black coffee from a popular corner coffee chain. I was under a premise, “we are going on a coffee run, can we get you anything”? I said, “sure” and handed them a $5 with a request for just a pain black coffee, “no cream, no sugar, no pink, no blue” as I believe that good coffee should not be “polluted” or covered up by accessories such as whipped cream or caramel.

Call me a coffee snob, but I enjoy making my own cup of Joe. It’s a luxury I enjoy on a Saturday morning and can have some freedoms experimenting with different varieties, salts, or herbs in my coffee. I normally grind my own beans, brew something with my own coffee pot, and had forgot that most of the process is something that I had my own trial and error from years past. Don’t judge. 🙂

I have also had some good-bad coffees, too. “Ranger coffee” was one of these… or at least that’s what they called it at the event I had attended. Imagine a 40-cup urn at a festival that is checked a couple of times a day because everyone drinks coffee. When the kitchen staff check it, they eye-ball what is there and add more grounds and water if needed… from a garden hose no less. This was some of the best I have had and it was savored.

This cup of coffee that came through the door was strong, black, had the wonderful and delicious acrid aroma of a good coffee shop. I waited until it cooled enough to drink and that’s where the downward spiral started.

I won’t go into great detail, but I will say that I was not able to finish more than half of that $2.50 large black coffee and the rest graced the local drain and cup discarded. Later that day, I invested in a small, five-cup coffee maker, went back to grinding my own beans, and enjoying the modern inconvenience of grinding my blend to take to an event. Yes, I bring my own water if I go out of town. And, this comes from someone who enjoys the taste of Valerian.

Back to the topic… while I can use remedies other people make, I find it odd that I use them while I have something I make sitting at home. I am a snob of my own remedies!

Even when it comes to soap, I find that everything I like is in the soap I make, and there are things I don’t like in soaps made by someone else, including store-bought. There is not anything o be picky about, soap is soap, but I just like my soaps and remedies better.

Please feel free to peruse my infused oil salves, my tinctures, my soaps and more. A lot of love went into every product.

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