Fresh paint AND a new place!

New Space

New space, new face, new place!

I have found a space to move my soap production.  It will be 10-15 minutes from where I live, as opposed to the 25 minutes (while traveling along two interstates).  I sign the contract on Thursday, September 27th and take possession on November 1.

Please donate.  I have started a GoFundMe page to assist with offsetting some of the costs of moving out of my current space that leaks, but it is happening!

Along with a fresh coat of paint on my web site, I have also migrated my online store to a new virtual location, using a new software package.  In retrospect, OSCommerce has done me well for the past 12 years, but there were things that I needed an online shopping cart to do that OSCommerce was not able to do, for either limitations of the software, or lack of contributions (such as not telling me if you were local and charge you for shipping, I would have to reimburse you shipping costs; easily add coupons, and offer discounts to bulk orders).  OSC also did not make it easy to perform upgrades, including operating systems or modules, such as payment modules.  It was an overhaul and lots of crossing of fingers to install something new and hope it didn’t break without taking an entire weekend to insert code, program, test, recover from backup and pull my hair out.

I also use Square POS offline at my events, and there is a plug in to integrate the inventory.  No more reconciling after a show!  When an event was complete, or I made a sale from inventory, I would have to run a report, then I would go home and adjust my inventory to make sure I didn’t double-sell.  With the plug in, the inventory management is nearly live.  I am also saving about $30-60 per month in fees, just by moving to the use of Square POS instead of using  I closed that account September 25.

Ready to ship!

Starting earlier this year, I had converted my entire site to use the httpS protocol in preparation for this.  It is secure and the transactions have that added level of security for PCI Compliance.  This allows me to have that extra bit of security.  Don’t worry, I am still looking for ways to improve the site.  Square POS would not allow their plugin to work if I did not have the https protocol installed.

In closing, my online shop is open in its new online location.  Please come on in!

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