Look for the S

Look for the S for security.  I am either joining the 20th century, or I have been paying attention to the security guys I work with during my full time job.  Either way, I am “locking down” my online shop to use the https for security reasons.

Some of the log files I have been reading have been yielding some very questionable results.  Not so much of a breach, but just some things that are being sniffed out (sniffers are looking for graphics that are not there, trying to browse to links that do not exist) and looking for a POSSIBLE security breaches, which I do not have.  My site and my web provider are very good when it comes to keeping the site patched and updated.  With this in mind, I have decided to add another layer of security for the shop my the next step.

I am also working on a cost-saving measure.  Square (Point of Sale) has an interface I can use with my online shopping cart (called an API).  The processor I am currently using charges me about $25 a month for use, even if I don’t use it (no purchases made by my online store that month).  In addition, if there is a purchase on my online store, I get a nice bill for use of their gateway (per transaction), plus a percentage of the transaction fees.  Some years ago, I shopped around, and it was actually cheaper than my previous processor and I am currently paying about $300 per year for use… if there are not any purchases online.  Now, there are more options available and I can feel free to shop around.  The only caveat is that I need to have the httpS enabled which is in the works.  Square currently charges me 2.75% per transaction, and it can “sit” there for months without being used, and I do not get charged for it sitting there.

Now the other side of this is putting it into place.  As I use OS Commerce for my shop’s program, I’ll have to get with both programs to smoosh something together to get them both to work together.  This should be fun!

(by the way, thank everyone for letting me know there was a problem with my shopping cart… it’s working now)