2017 Events and More.


I really need to post more often… seriously.  🙂  The last time I posted was at the end of November and the next time I look up, it is already past mid-March.

There is some good news… my husband and I moved into a house in late January and we are still in the process of making the house a home.  We are getting tired of the corrugated look (cardboard) and we are going through boxes to see if we can find everything we know we moved!

Looking forward to the future… I have trimmed out some of my outdoor events from my calendar.  Most of them had been in the summer and while I do like the summer events, the summer is hard of my equipment and hard on me.

Normally during my indoor events, it takes me two hours to set up; outdoors, in the heat, it takes me three hours to set up and three hours to tear down.  It isn’t that there is any more work, but more like setup setup setup, rest rest rest, hydrate hydrate hydrate… then back to setting up.  It is very exhausting, not to mention my equipment looks like I had been camping with them.  In some cases, I had been camping with them in the same setup.

Some days during the summer, I set myself up for the seasonal cloudburst and gust of wind.  You know the kind… the cloud burst that comes up out of the middle of nowhere, lasts for 2-3 minutes with blowing winds and then disappears as fast as it had appeared, blew everything around to hell and back and while it was enough rain to cool it down for a hot minute, it was enough rain the make the temperature even hotter.

Soap Drying Racks

You can see my event calendar here.  And, while my calendar may be sparse in some places, I have been productive in my own setup, prepping for a retail outlet of sorts.  I am located at the Mellwood Art Center at 1860 Mellwood Avenue; Studio 241.

Before you start knocking on my door, because I still have a full time job and open By Appointment.  I am not there all the time… yet.

This is a large space, part workshop, part retail… and I really enjoy being in this creative space.  I had someone walk in asking about soap saying, “It feels good in here” which is 100% of my intention.  It is just right.

Looking forward to the future!