Busy Busy!



It is not hard to believe that while I have been busy with my event schedule, that it has been since February since I have contributed a post.

I have settled in nicely into the workshop and, while if you go into the space today, it would look like some kind of organized chaos.  Oils here, boxes there, slips of paper here and there, projects over there, unfinished things over here, and nearly every vertical surface occupied. I even got a dishwasher and made it “portable” by putting some hardware on it, putting it on wheels and getting it up and running.  I wanted to be able to wash things while I was at the location instead of lugging pots and pans home.

I am also considering a larger space.  Particularly as I am almost outgrowing what space I have now.  🙂 I would not trade it for anything (other than a larger space) as I have an enjoyment of utilizing a .  I took much of that stuff out of my home… and cleared up the space here and the only thing I had purchased was a workbench and some additional shelves for soaps and supplies.  It was hard to believe that my home housed so many things.  Boxes here, soap molds with pots and pans in the kitchen, and then some.

My event schedule has me wonderfully occupied with just a weekend of a “vacation” and then I start all over again starting the first of June until the middle of July.  Then starting again the first weekend of September and all the way into the middle of November.

What do I do in my spare time?  I breathe!  🙂