A new year, a new space

Front Door

Front Door

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone!

Over the past couple of months, I have been reevaluating the space in my residence and figured out, “if I were to move the soap making equipment out of my home, how much space would I have?”

The answer I came up with was:  A LOT!

Enter the Mellwood Arts Center.  Less than a mile from where I live, I have signed a lease, effective February 1 to house all of my soap making things going on.  All of my molds, frames, shelves, glassware, herb grinders, lye, oils… everything is in this nice little space.


Workbench with soap

I have purchased a small workbench and have wrapped my first set of soap (Lavender, of course).  What I need to continue to move in are shelves to store my equipment off of the ground, my steel work table and some other tools, to remove cardboard boxes and replace with plastic bins.  Some odds and ends, but it is taking shape in a good way.

With this space, I can expect several things:

  1. expand my production (like seriously).  I could purchase additional molds to keep my best-selling soaps in stock and in good supply, or start additional batches … or
  2. Seriously go pro… I have a GoFundMe account set up and ready to go.  This would help lease additional space and to purchase equipment for some serious soap making.  Instead of the 60 bars I am able to make per batch, I can make 380 bars per batch.  This is more than four times the soap per pour.  That would be a LOT of soap!
  3. IMG_20160130_153508

    Soap Drying Racks

    Open a small retail shop – One of the most common questions at events I get is, “where are you located?” with my current answer has been, while at an event, “today, right here… next week… I will be someplace else”.  Even when I have on my contact page, “no retail location available”, I still get calls asking, “Where are you located?”  I don’t have a retail shop yet, but if I were to get one together, I may be able to lease the small space across the way.

That’s all for now.  I am there some evenings during the week getting things together, moving things in, drilling holes in the wall and MAYBE making soap! Looking forward to a good year ahead of me.

Now to name this place!  I have a discussion started on FaceBook on what it should be named.  I already have a warehouse.  I could call this a workshop… but I don’t really work here, I create!  Like the Earth Circle Creations’ page on FaceBook and let’s give this a wonderful and inspiring name.