Going REALLY green!
Going REALLY green!

With the successful event I had in Columbus, Ohio last weekend, I have purchased a shrink-wrap system to replace my current soap-wrapping methods.  The new method includes a biodegradable shrink wrap from National Shrinkwrap called Biodegradable Polyolefin.

Currently, I wrap soaps using saran wrap/  it is time consuming and I usually find myself in front of the TV with a good movie wrapping bar after bar.  My thoughts before purchasing this product:  If I go to an event and a tornado picks up my display and scatters it all over the venue (almost true story) there will be soap that will be mostly intact for years to come.  With this system, in 3 years or less, this wrap, soap, box and label will totally decompose.

I have placed the order and the device and wrap should arrive some time during the week of October 1, 2015.  After such time, all of my wrapped after October 1, 2015 will have the Biodegradable shrink wrap (I still have a few batches made, but not wrapped yet).

I can’t tell you how exited I am in purchasing this product.  I am really looking forward to getting this device in.

I will still use popcorn as my packing material, the soap boxes are also bio-degradable and so are the soap labels.

Update:  The person hosting my web site says:  “Those Earth Circle Creations people are so green that their website is powered on totally 100% renewable green energy.”

I found out from him that he pays extra to ensure that our servers are in a green energy farm. The one down south gets 90% of it’s power from solar on the roof and the rest of it comes from hydro electric. The northern server is powered by wind and river current turbines.