Universal Light Expo 2011 Booth

Hi, everyone!  During the last couple of indoor events, I witnessed a wonderful phenomenon while working my booth with my tables of herbs, herbal tinctures and remedies:  I had a LINE waiting running outside of my booth.

At a recent event, I had someone with a handful of soap, someone else asking me about an herb, someone else making selections, and someone else ready to complete their BioMat session, all at the same time! While this was an excellent “breakdown” to have, I was able to manage it, but it made me aware that while I love what I do, I know there is yet another level I can take Earth Circle Creations at events.

I need an assistant to assist me during events.

What I need:

  • I need someone to assist me during busy events.

What I need from you:

  • Be over 18
  • Must be able to read, speak and fluently understand English (preferred first language)
  • Have a HIGH sense of integrity
    • do what you say you are going to do by when you said you are going to do it
    • be on time (includes dependable alarm clock and transportation)
  • Have dependable transportation to and from my home
    • I live in NE Louisville, KY
    • or, I’ll meet you at the event
    • we will be traveling in a four-hour radius from Louisville (St. Louis, MO; Columbus, OH; and Nashville, TN so far)
  • Have drivers license and insurance as you may be driving my vehicle
    • no revoked license
    • safe driving record
    • familiarity and respect for local laws (parking, speed zones, etc)
    • have no “night-blindness” (we may be getting home in the evening)
    • trailer experience preferred
    • no warrants or parole limiting your travel to other states or a curfew
  • Able to get time off work (or be available) before events as I will be going to the locations for early set up
    • This will USUALLY be on a Friday before the event and I will inform you ahead of time
  • “Disconnected” for the weekend
    • I am happy that you have a spouse or significant other, but as you are representing Earth Circle Creations (and getting paid for it) I will require you to focus and have things handled before the weekend and not on the phone or texting your other half while we at the event.
    • I also understand the dynamics of an emergency but will not hesitate to ask you to leave the phone silenced and under the table or in the truck.  Don’t worry, I will permit you to check it during a break
    • leave the drama at home
    • complete or postpone issues with your significant other for being gone for the weekend BEFORE the weekend starts
    • please leave your significant other and/or kids home unless they are attending the event as participants.  I can assure you, they WILL most likely get bored in the booth and they cannot stay in the booth during the event.
    • I am unable to give them a ride as my vehicle is usually packed
  • Able to leave for the event early Friday afternoon (before 1:00 pm) and return Sunday evening/Monday after midnight (events can be 4 hours away and across time zones)
  • When sharing a hotel room (for the time being) I will be going to bed early (10-11 pm and as early as 9 pm) as some shows have long days
    • please do not be a night-owl
  • Be able to lift 50+ pounds during an event for short amounts of time;
    • salt lamps can get heavy
    • so can massage tables
    • I have rolling carts that are heavy, too
  • Treat my equipment with respect
    • some of my displays are irreplaceable
    • other pieces of my equipment are VERY irreplaceable
    • small items may require dexterity
  • Be able to break bills to give change with accuracy
  • Have PC experience and experience with a hand scanner to input data into a spreadsheet for inventory and accounting purposes
    • will train you with the POS (Point of Sale) System I use
  • High attention to detail
  • Capability of paying for admission to the event as a participant of the event if there is not an “assistant” allowed
    • most indoor events will allow one assistant per booth
  • Must be comfortable sharing a hotel room (see below)
  • Must have a high sense of “customer delight”
    • my clients and customers are DELIGHTED they were able to make a transaction while visiting my booth
  • Ability to bring/purchase your meals while attending the events
  • Have attire conducive to a business-casual environment during indoor events
    • no jeans/t-shirts
    • no polo shirts with logos or other symbols
    • wear comfortable and professional looking shoes, you may be on your feet more than you know
    • I wear an all black polo shirt, slacks, black socks and nice looking comfortable shoes
  • You are responsible for your own well-being.  Please bring (and take) any medications you may need to function normally (insulin, etc)
  • You are responsible for all taxable income as a contractor.  I can provide the appropriate tax forms.
  • Medicinal knowledge of herbs and herbal remedies a plus!  I do not deal with the esoteric attributes of herbs

What you will do:

  • Assist with the booth in the setup, tear down and points between
  • Load and unloading of my trailer (at the event and in and out of storage unit if necessary)
  • Restock table items from under-table inventory to table during slow periods if needed
  • Assist customer questions and concerns while I am busy with another customer, includes assisting with transactions and purchases
  • Be able to pack/unpack/repack items such as salt lamps or herbal goodies for customers
  • Stay at the booth while I have a break; food, bio-break, etc
  • Don’t look bored when we have slow periods
  • Answer simple questions from clients and be delighted to answer them (don’t push it over the top)  😀
  • “Other duties as assigned”.  🙂

What you will get:

  • 10-13% of profits from the event – I have been known to pay over 15% for good day’s work.
  • Ability to attend and enjoy the event we are attending as my “Lovely Assistant”
  • An invite to join The BioMat Company as a distributor and be able to share in commissions from sales of BioMats and other devices made during the events you attend (if applicable)
  • A free BioMat session while we are at the event to recharge (if applicable)
  • A ride to the event and back (see above)
  • A shared hotel room, unless you wish to procure your own.  For outdoor events, you will be asked to provide your own accommodations (tent, sleeping bag, etc)
  • A name tag with your name and name of my booth
  • If you have or make products, you may have a space on my table, provided:
    • there is room on the table
    • they do not conflict with my products
    • may be subject to my fair consignment rates
  • Priority for consideration working for Earth Circle Creations as paid employee

“Good night Wesley. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.” – Princess Bride – 1987

More later.