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If you heal enough leaves... you will soon cure the forest.


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Your soap is amazing. I have purchased a lot of the handmade soaps just to toss them out. I have been using yours ever since I purchased it back last fall …and just love it. -Kim J.

My husband does not like doctors, but he trusts you! -Wife of a regular client in Lexington, KY.

I have had homemade soaps before, and none of them have had the amount of lather yours has (if they produced any at all).  Even to the last sliver of soap, I could work up a lather and make my bathroom smell awesome. -M.K.

…it was not a coincidence that you gave this Reader an ear candling. Shortly after I returned [home], one of my clients could not believe how clear my Crown Chakra was after my ear candling. Of course, my Readings were more accurate and insightful… -Robert.A.

…I like what you stand for and your creative way of sharing. World could use more people like you – it’s what I like to call beautifully contagious. Paying it forward. Universe has great rewards for you. Keep on Sparkling; only good can come of it. -M.R.

… [Thank you for] the way you made it so easy to talk to and welcoming when [we] first met. -B.H.

It was great meeting you on Saturday at the Wellness Festival.  I was, and still am, intrigued with the tincture you showed my wife and I and how you were able to pick exactly something we needed. -G.S.

Dear Friend I have to tell you that with my feet and joints hurting I had thought I would need to stop working as I found it hard to be on my feet, and my leg joints hurting did not help, but help came in the form of a healing salve made from Arnica, Calendula and St. John’s Wort, and Dandelion Root Tincture.  Both have done greatly, I used the salve to heal my cracked and rough souls of my feet, now I can work with out hurting, they have healed and now are very smooth, the Tincture I have used for joint pain, I placed it in my tea in the morning and in the afternoon tea after I get home from work.  There has been little or no pain and can even walk to work if I like, which I have done lately, thanks. -Martin.H.

I swear you have magick hands, the way you took care of the cramping I had in my back! -C.K.